The Art and Theatre Institute
This modern information and scientific institution focuses on providing complete information services from the areas of theatre and the performing arts, including opera, ballet, stage dance, puppet theatre as well as additional forms.

It is the largest publisher of theatre literature in the Czech Republic, containing one of the largest theatre libraries in Europe, a video library, photo-archive, rich documentation and bibliographical funds as well as several information on-line databases.

It contributes in significant fashion to the areas of international cultural exchanges in the form of exhibitions, symposiums, seminars and theatre presentations. Its most significant contribution in the area of international projects has been the organisation of the Prague Quadrennial, the international festival of scenography and theatre architecture, organised since the year 1967.


National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture (NIPOS)

The basic mission of NIPOS is the support of cultural development, first and foremost in cultural-social development as well as creative activities on the part of citizens both locally and regionally with a focus on the areas of non-professional artistic activities.

It organises a number of state-wide as well as international competitions, performances, festivals, exhibitions as well as other similar forms of presentations of non-professional artistic activities. Their activities also include educational activities and the regular organising of specialised as well as educational events, seminars and courses.

NIPOS is last but not least a specialised workplace for the development of non-professional activities and aesthetic education of children and young people.